The Complete Guide to the Best Data Rooms and How They Can Benefit Your Company

Virtual data rooms for deal management are gradually becoming the business digitalization standard for large organizations. However, when it comes to hundreds of transactions a day, the procedures for internal approval of contracts and commercial offers become essential in any company.

The best data room solution in the market

Modern information technology makes it possible to apply new forms of work organization, including the distribution of tasks between groups and work outside the office, enterprise management using enterprise resource planning systems, electronic accounting, document management, and decision support systems.

There are various digital solutions in the market. Some are suitable exclusively for sales and will be helpful primarily to managers. On the other hand, some platforms will become indispensable assistants to the manager as they cope with complex analytical work. Complex solutions are the most versatile. Their advantage lies in the fact that you can use all functions and a separate block your business needs, for example, sales, marketing, management accounting, etc. But virtual data room is universal full-packed software for efficient business management. The data room is based on two technologies: doc flow and workflow. The first is designed to ensure the regulation of the movement of electronic documents between the structural divisions of the enterprise. The workflow technology establishes the work order with electronic documents and manages the role model of differentiation of access rights to information.

The leaders among data room providers are:

    1. Intralinks
    2. iDeals
    3. Digify
    4. Datasite
    5. Netflies
    6. Drooms
    7. Ansarada
    8. Securedocs
    9. Firmex
    10. Onehub.

Data room benefits for your company

The digital data room was created to solve one big problem – managing the business transactions. The software solves this problem by automating the actions of managers and monitoring negotiations with customers. It creates a single space for communication among all company employees. If you decide to realize data room software in your company, you can get the following advantages:

    • Saving costs. Cloud-based data room is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it avoids considerable upfront costs (including computing infrastructure such as hardware and data servers), is centrally located, typically comes with IT support through a data room vendor, and replaces one-time software costs by providing monthly or an annual fee, and receive updates that are easy to apply.
    • Transparency of business processes. The ability to provide support, and track the stages of business processes, allows you to make organizational activities entirely transparent for management and regulatory authorities.
    • History of each document. An electronic document allows you to find out everything about the document. Who created it, who viewed it, who signed it. It is possible to find a complete report on the document. The system is easy to operate. Employees can easily find the desired file according to specific criteria, draw up documents using templates, and track data transfer to other companies.
    • Ensuring the security and confidentiality of business data. The shared database allows you to make backup copies of electronic documents, reducing the risk of intentional or accidental loss of files. At the same time, much less time will be spent searching for the necessary document if its location has become unknown.
    • Reports. The software presents the report with graphic elements according to the configured parameters. For example, if you need to view the number of calls made by managers for a week/month/quarter, the number of transactions, etc. The convenience is that your employees do not need to fill out any additional special reports for management.